Get to know me!

So a little about me: I am from Carrot River, and have one sister, Jaden, who is 15 and just learning to drive:

I’m also currently in my 5th year of post-secondary education, and am currently in my 4th (and last!) year of Ed at U of R.  I took a gap year and attended Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC last year with hopes of one day teaching in a private Christian school.  I completed my internship in December, and am happy to be closer to finishing, but also sad because the family I lived with had the cutest dogs (who I miss):

Meet Fanny:

and now meet Fiesta:

They’re sister St. Bernese Mountain Dogs, and even though they’re large they LOVE to cuddle.

Bu moving on… I’m excited to progress as a future teacher, especially when it comes to technology.  I don’t have much experience with technology, but know the basics.  What I hope to learn is different ideas of creative ways to implement technology in the classroom.  I worry about using technology lots, because I find it to be unreliable – wifi down, power outage, computer crashes, etc.  I also worry about students using such devices inappropriately and not as a tool.

When it comes to blogging, I am reluctant.  I’ve kind of been raised to not put anything to do with my personal life online (because #illuminati), and while I know that blog posts don’t need to be personal, I find that’s what makes them interesting.  So I’m interested in this blogging assignment, because I feel like it will allow me to give blogging an actual fair chance than to always blow it off as something that “just isn’t for me.”  But so far (with the two blog posts I’ve actually completed LOL) I feel like blogging isn’t for me.  I find it very confusing with how many aspects there are to it, and had a very difficult time trying to complete everything we went over in the class we had on WordPress together.  I’m hoping as time goes on my experience will get better, but so far… my experience has been not so good.

I’ve shared my twitter link on my blog (added as an extension).  Full disclosure: I haven’t had twitter since high school, which has been over 5 years ago, and needless to say I was locked out of my old account and needed to create a new one – don’t judge me for having no followers or tweets!


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