My Feedly!

Hey y’all!

So before this blog post, I had no idea Feedly or Digg or Inoreader even existed.  I chose to create a Feedly account, honestly because I liked the name of it the best.  Signing up was quite simple, actually, I just had to log in with my google account.  Then when it came to following blogs, I just followed what I was already familiar with and what I try read on a daily basis.  After that, I just typed hashtags of things I was interested in, like #beauty, and followed accounts that had a thorough definition of what their posts would be about, and had multiple thousand followers (if all those people like it, I probably will too.. right?)

This is what the overview of my feed looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 8.52.55 PM.png

Unlike Amy’s post where she said she found Feedly hard to navigate, I actually find it quite simple and am quite pleased at the simplicity of it.  I am excited to read all the blogs I’m following.  I am specifically excited about two of the accounts I chose to follow: Ruled Me and She Reads Truth.

First of all, Ruled Me is a resource to find ketogenic recipes, which is amazing since my first learning project post was about the ketogenic diet.  This blog is amazing, because it has new recipes every day, and it includes pictures and videos of what the process of the recipe will look like, as well as a THOROUGH description of the macronutrients in not only each ingredient, but the whole recipe and per serving as well.  It’s amazing and has definitely been helpful for me to turn to during the learning process of becoming keto.

The next blog I’m excited is She Reads Truth, and it plays a close role to my heart.   They only post about one article a month, so it’s not a super over-bearing blog to follow.  It’s a community of women all of the world in the pursuit of Jesus.  It’s a company that’s grown exponentially (and accidentally) over the past few years, and I just find their movement and the passion they put forth really inspiring.  And my heart loves it even more since it’s 21 women pursuing their aspirations and following their dreams while succeeding in a man’s world.  They have everything from encouraging resources to devotional plans and it’s a very powerful and encouraging blog to fall upon.  A couple years ago I also received a “She Reads Truth” devotional Bible, and there is so much beautiful imagery and deconstructions of societal issues that when I saw they had a blog I could not resist to immediately follow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.11.01 PM.png

I’m excited to read everybody’s posts to see what blogs they’re following and why!  Hope mine are of interest to some of you!!


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