Try’na tweet

So this week I decided to be a part of an Ed chat that was based out of Hawaii.  It was Monday night, so worked well for me because I was able to participate immediately after my Monday evening class.  It was kind of weird though; unlike that Edchats that I’ve been a part of, or even the one Katia explained to us EDTC students, it was different.  The chat questions were posted on a google doc, and not on twitter.  Also, after I answered the questions, I found that participation was minimal, as was communication with one another.

I can see the benefits of Edchats in a community that is very involved and “tight-knit” as the SK Edchats are but for me, this specific one I was involved in really didn’t do much for me.  I would say that my experience went poorly only for that reason.  On top of that, I found it rather overwhelming to try and participate in since my schedule was very busy and it kept slipping my mind.

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It’s hard to think about doing things, like tweeting three times a day, when you’ve never had to even tweet once before.

If I was more involved, I think it would be valuable to see other’s opinions and connect and network with them.  Hope everybody’s chats went well!




One thought on “Try’na tweet

  1. jordynharcourt says:

    Hi Jessi!

    Good for you for trying out an edchat! I still have yet to try one due to a busy schedule! I have only heard of Twitter ones but it is interesting that you participated in one that took place on a Google Doc! Definitely a new platform! I agree that participation would be minimal and I feel as if you wouldn’t get the same engagement with others as you do on Twitter! Thanks for sharing 😀

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