Juice Me Up

Happy February break, friends!

I hope everyone is having more of a relaxing break than I am (sigh).  With midterms, midterm assignments, job applications, and interviews, there hasn’t really been much “me” time… including incorporating this health and fitness journey in my very busy schedule.  And with grad pictures right around the corner….

So, many of my friends have told me to try juicing.  Now, I am NOT a juicer or a believer in drinking my foods… a girl’s gotta eat. But I would also like to have a neck in my grad photos.  I have had great success with my previous food diet (keto) and average success with the intermittent fasting, but since I can’t go to the gym (due to no free time/ no access when I’m at my parents’) I need to try something that will preferably dehydrate my body to the max – I don’t know if juicing will do this or not but I guess we’ll see?

To begin: I know nothing about juicing.  I think it’s silly and honestly I don’t really want to try this.  Fruits and vegetables are high in carbs and sugar for that matter, and I can already feel the heartburn I’m probably going to have for the next week.

This is what I’ve learned: This website really started at the basics and worked it’s way up to the complex for me.

To begin, it basically compares the difference between juices and smoothies.  And while they basically are the same, the main difference is that juices have NO fiber.  However, or the purpose of juicing, the lack of fiber is a good thing- it allows the body to rapidly digest and assimilate the nutrients found in the juice in comparison of having a lot of fiber contained which would slow the entire process down a bit.

I also learned that there is many different types of juicing: cold-pressed (does the best job at maintaining the most nutrients), centrifugal (the cell walls of the fruits/vegetables are not as easily broken down and may be wasted if you don’t “re-juice” again to yield the most you can), masticating (retains more nutrients than centrifugal but less than cold-pressed), high speed blenders + milk nut bag (filters to maintain most nutrients).

So I know what you’re all thinking now…


To prep: all fruits and vegetables with inedible rinds, remove! This includes oranges, lemons, grapefruits, ginger skin, etc. Be sure to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables as best as possible.

Equipment: You can use a high-speed blender if you do not have a juicer.


  1. Wash fruit or vegetables
  2. Remove peel or outer rhine if needed
  3. Pop in the juicer
    1. If using a blender- blend fruits and vegetables, strain using a nut milk bag, squeeze all the juice you can out of the fruits/vegetables, repeat until the pulp is dry and you’ve gotten all the juice out.
  4. Let the juicer do the work!
  5. Depending on how wet your fruit/vegetable pulp is after juicing, you can “re-juice” the pulp to squeeze out the very last bit of juice and water within the fruits/vegetables.
  6. Store in an airtight mason jar for up to 48 hours maximum. Fresh and drinking immediately is absolutely best!
    1. You can make a couple large batches for yourself to lessen the amount of time juicing, just be sure to consume in 2 days and store in an airtight mason jar.

Seems like a lot of work.. but it actually doesn’t take that long.  And as we’re all students, it’s kind of easy to see that this is a fairly expensive diet to live off of, even if it is just for a week or so.  So I found this great article that provides a list of produce for those juicing on a budget.

And if you’re a visual learner, here’s an 11 minute video of Dani Spies going through the ins and outs of juicing.

And if you’re still interested, here’s a list of 22 juicing recipes.

Pretty sure this post would be Biggie approved

And also pretty sure this is the theme song of this post:

– J


15 thoughts on “Juice Me Up

  1. Sarah Reimer says:

    Jessi! Thanks for your thoughts here! I loved your post, it definitely gave me a laugh. I love the light-hearted, comedic tone of your writing – it makes your posts super relatable and engaging! I think that you’ll look fabulous in your grad photos regardless, but it’s cool to hear that you’re trying juicing for the first time. Since you said in your post that it wasn’t really something that you were excited about doing – how did it end up? What kind of juice did you make? Do you think you’ll end up doing it again? Have an awesome weekend!


  2. madishearer says:

    This post cracked me up! I feel the exact same pressure as you do with everything punching me in the face at once. I have always wanted to try juicing for real but i tried to drink water with pepper and lemon once and I thought I was going faint from hunger and lasted literally 2 hours. What were your results in the end? Did you think you were going to faint? Will juicing make me look like Kim K in time for my grad photos?


    • Jessi Gaja says:

      Madi, we are two peas in the same pod. Juicing sucks and it’s not meant for real humans with a stomach. You prob could end up looking like Kim K because you’ll be basically starving yourself for a week/ so dehydrated your bones could look extra prominent. #melodramaticJessi


  3. missgurski says:

    I (as the two girls above have commented) love your approach to this, humorous. It is for sure something that wouldn’t be sustainable as a lifestyle I would think. But I am always interested to see how these diets work! I can’t even have lemon in my water, Bleh. So I couldn’t even imagine trying juicing. I would love to hear your experience with it can’t wait to see you next blog review on the pros and cons (hopefully). Especially with all those sugars and carbs like you said? Like where is the meat ? Ha or is that suppose to be the whole concept? Good Luck, your grad pictures will look beautiful though don’t worry 🙂


    • Jessi Gaja says:

      Ha, thanks Meg! Don’t punish yourself and try juicing. Everything about it is a con. There are no pros. It is equivalent to slop (big brother).

      Thanks for the nice grad pic comment… I’ll accept my triple chin fate.


  4. brianbrander says:

    I love the final project you have decided to do. And as someone who has experience with a lot about what you are talking about I approve. Juicing your vegetables is one of the healthiest things you can do. I started working out 4 years ago and I bought a juicer as well and it has changed my life. I spend my winter bulking and when I cut weight I also intermittent fast. It is the best way to lose weight in my opinion. Personally I like to count out the calories I can consume in the day. And fit those calories into two big meals, cuting either lunch or breakfast out. This way I don’t have to be hungry all day. I can be hungry for a few hours and then eat a huge meal and be full without going over my calorie intake for that day. Awesome work! I will continue to read about your journey and keep up the good habits!


    • Jessi Gaja says:

      Thanks Brian! It definitely has been to keep up with as a learning project. I think I’m going to juice as an addition to my meals rather than as a detox, and keep up with the intermittent fasting because that has been working best for me.


  5. alyssadorr says:

    OMG Jess! hahaha I died at this post. Not only informative, but hilarious. Really enjoyed the video you presented, Winter break was tough for me to get anything done, isn’t that the time for us to catch up? Apparently not. Your step by step instructions are concise and clear. Maybe Ill come over and we can juice together sometime. Ive been known to dabble in creating some pretty spectacular juices lol. Have you seen the “Taste of Home” Juice edition Magazine. I think you can find it online. Tons of great examples. I recently tried an apple, lemon and ginger juice. It is supposed to be great for colds. Now, I didn’t have a cold, but it sure made me feel healthy and didn’t taste too “organic” so to speak. Can’t wait to hear more!


  6. laurambieber says:

    Jessi, I love this post! It made me actually “laugh out loud!” 🙂 Juicing is actually one thing I have been looking into myself. I haven’t actually tried it yet. Your post has inspired me to try juicing. Maybe if I do some research I can find a way with the Instant Pot haha ;)!


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