Imma Creep


So today I chose to creep, my partner, Alyssa.  I’ve known and been friends with Alyssa for four years I believe, and I can already tell ya that she definitely isn’t an oversharer.  She doesn’t post a lot of things, and I remember originally creeping her upon when we first met, and not really learning more than I already knew.

Looking at her Instagram, she only has about 7 pictures that she is actually captured in.  But to the general public, her account is private so you’ll have to request to be her friend if you wanna see her cute face.

Secondly, her facebook is also very privatized.  You can’t even view her profile picture unless you’re “friends.”  But once the friends status is attained, one can see that she works at Sephora, the high school she went to & the university she is attending, and that she has a cute boy in her life.  But even as her friend I can’t look or comment on her profile photos, so she still has quite high privacy settings.

Thirdly, her twitter reveals the most information, revealing that her birthday is September 29th, she’s from Regina, she’s a fourth year Ed student majoring in English and minoring in Visual Arts.  The main (and only) theme of her twitter is about education.

“Creeping” Alyssa was fun and made me realize how easy it is for others – strangers – to get ahold of private information.  It made me look into my own settings once again, and I found this cool option on Facebook that lets you view your own profile as if you were looking at it from a stranger’s view.  That way it shows you what is public for the world to see, and what it locked down.

Hope everyone else had just as great of an experience!


4 thoughts on “Imma Creep

  1. Sarah Reimer says:

    Hey Jessi! Thanks for your post! Was it a different experience for you as someone that already knew Alyssa? I am curious! Did her blog pop up when you searched for her too?
    Have a fabulous afternoon!
    Sarah 🙂


  2. kaycihenderson says:

    It’s definitely a bit more difficult for it to be “authentic creeping” when you already know the person. I was the same way with my partner’s information because I already had them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and I think, because of that, Google made it much easier to get access to other information that mentioned or belonged to her. This activity really shows the importance of having your profile privacy settings on lock-down if you don’t want people to see what you’re posting however it also shows that you can’t control everything (which is a scary thought in itself)!

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    • Jessi Gaja says:

      Yes, I agree with you!! It was easy to remember creeping Alyssa though because I deleted facebook and had to re-add her at the beginning of the year… so I remember stalking her to ensure she was the person I was looking for! :p


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