This might be my favourite blog post I’ve made yet.

Today’s Theme: Bro-splitting.

So, as a little background knowledge: bro-splitting is when you isolate one muscle group and work it out to THE MAX, but usually only once a week.  So your workout may look like this:
Monday: Back
Tuesday: Chest
Wednesday: Quads/ Hamstrings
Thursday: Shoulders/ Calves
Friday: Biceps/ Triceps
Saturday: Rest (cardio)
Sunday: Rest (cardio)
The reason why the bro-split has appeal is that it’s an easier way to workout, especially for beginners.  It also incorporates a wide variety of workouts and intermittent cycles to “spice” things up.

And I’m reluctant to say this after watching modern day Thor‘s video on this subject, but I actually used to bro-split and I had great results.  However, I did only do a 6-12 week program incorporating it, then moved on to a different workout scheme.
(Here’s 2 pics of me when I was fit and bro-splitting)

(Here’s a pic of me now so you can see my downfall)
image1 unsplash-logoMichael Blum

I know what you’re thinking….

But that’s not the point – the point is that apparently if ya wanna be ripped, bro-splitting is not the answer.  According to this article, you may have good luck with bro-splitting when using the method short term (as I did), but if you want to grow and increase muscle mass, you’ll actually never be able to make progress.  Your muscles only need 3-4 days to “heal” and when you’re giving them a 7 day break, you’re over doing the recovery stage.  And, I mean, it makes sense I guess.

Remember when I mentioned modern day Thor? Well here’s his video I brought up previously, and I recommend you watch it all because it’s hilarious and cringy at the same time.

I also found this thread on reddit that explains all the pros/ cons about bro-splitting from many different people’s perspectives, so if you’re interested you can give that a look.

TL;DR: Basically, if you want to build muscle mass, don’t isolate your muscles and do full-body training sessions – you will see better results.

Oh, one more thing: Here’s a list of 10 songs that will make bros cry.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “#bro.

  1. madishearer says:

    I literally laughed out loud reading this post. The super imposed face on whale picture really got me. In high school I was on a training program (confessions of a former figure skater) that was all about bro-splitting amongst other hours of physical activity. But lets be honest everyone has parts of their body they just don’t like working on, and mine was arms. So conveniently I would skip arm day and move on to the next.


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