Cardio for the Hungry


Today’s topic: fasted cardio



The appeal is that it targets “stubborn” fat allowing you to lose weight “quick” (we all know that’s not possible, but you get what I’m saying.

I kind of do this already… but not properly.  I go to the gym twice a day: morning: cardio, evening: weights.  I’m hella lazy, and find that running then lifting things is just too much for my motivation and energy level, so I split it.  I can do this because I also don’t have a life and going to the gym is seriously the only time I leave the house… might be a good place to insert this here.

But I always assumed that fasted cardio meant running on an empty stomach.  After reading this, I learned that I was way off.  The article explains this a lot better than I am going to, but basically cardio done when the body is not processing food (and therefore insulin levels are at a low) is considered “fasted cardio.”

So I’m going to implement this into my daily routine and see how much of a difference it makes.

If you still don’t quite get it from reading the article, here’s a good descriptive video from the health nerd:

MyZone also explains this pretty in depth in their article,  and recommend using their app to help keep track of your prime fasted cardio opportunities.


3 thoughts on “Cardio for the Hungry

  1. kaitlynellisblog says:

    I am glad you included a video alongside your linked article because I was still a little confused on what fasted cardio meant, so thanks! I have always thought that fasted cardio meant that you workout before you have eaten, AKA in the morning when you wake up. The thought of working out on an empty stomach has always made me ignore it as a workout option so thanks for the new info!

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