Howdy friends!

As per our assignment this week, I partnered up with my pal Alyssa Orr to write and discuss about the use of technology in the classroom, specifically Instagram.  Within our dialogue, Alyssa had the viewpoint of being anti-insta, while I on the other hand had the viewpoint of pro-insta.

The premise of our conversation via text was that Alyssa heard through the grape vine that I was implementing Instagram in my classroom, and she contacted me to express her concerns.

Here is what we discussed:

Of course the conversation didn’t need to end here, we could’ve went on about it for hours probably.  However, before condensing this video it was over 20 minutes, so I think it encapsulates enough for y’all to understand our points of views and where we both were coming from.

If you want to read the article I referred to, click here.

Another great supplementary reading I found would be this.

And if you want to see/ read Alyssa’s side of the story, visit her page here.

Who do y’all side with concerning this topic??


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