Stranger Danger

The internet can be a scary place filled with lots of creeps.

After listening to Carol Todd’s lecture last week, I think we’re all more conscious than ever of what we partake in on the interwebs.  Especially as (future) educators, because there are so many terrifying things out students can get involved in these days.  Carol mentioned many implications (of tech in the classroom) which is why it is so important as educations to teach prevention.  Why wait until something terrible happens for change?  We need to teach prevention, have students practice being safe on the internet, and have interventions before a terrible tragedy, such as Amanda’s, happens.

This Ted Talk from Monica Lewinsky (the woman who had an affair with President Bush) speaks about how she almost lost her life due to the public humiliation the internet offered her, and her story is only one of many.

The documentaries that Katia recommend we watch also provides lots of secondary information about the implications technology has in a child’s life.  This one in particular really went into detail about how one poor decision on social media (re Amanda Todd’s story) can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Carol’s Ted talk also speaks of cyberbullying of not only her daughter, but of herself, and teaches how to control the “troll” rather succumb to their words.  She speaks about being kind and giving to others, while not letting the behaviour of the bully bring the one being bullied down.  She advocates uniqueness and teaches each person to be their self and not listening to judgments placed on us – which, as a teacher, is really encouraging because she’s putting these positive attitudes onto her students who will in turn positively impact others with her kind words.  My favourite quote from Carol in her Ted talk video is, “…if [Amanda’s youtube] video can change one life, then her death was not in vain.”  And as someone who has lost a sibling, I find that very powerful.

Out of all this information that we have learned from not only Katia and Carol, the most important is to not refrain from technology but to teach it positively.


2 thoughts on “Stranger Danger

  1. douglassong says:

    I also think differently about the internet after taking these lectures! I think the Internet is like a swimming pool; we should do stretch before we jump in! I like the way of thinking, why wait until something terrible happens when we can prevent before it happens. There have been already too many people got hurt physically and emotionally, but I think it is never too late to teach students prevention and being a safe digital citizen.

    In my high school computer class, I was thought how to type quickly and use Microsoft Word. I felt like they intentionally ignored the ugly side of the internet. I’m sure telling students to just simply ignore those horrible trolls won’t make the victims feel any better and stop the trolls trolling. It will need a lot of readings and thinkings from us before we teach anybody.


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