Catchin’ Up

So I have failed in the fitness world lol.

I know my learning project was about teaching myself all about the gym and latest fitness fads and what not, but it’s incredibly hard to keep up with such a busy semester. I have something due every week, so going to the gym and actually applying the knowledge I have learned has not been a priority.

So with that being said, I guess I’ll just make a reflection post.

It definitely has been interesting to learn about all these gym things, especially since I thought I already knew what there was to know about. You know?

I had really good progress, in the beginning, then life kind of got in the way.  I also find it difficult to apply many of the things I learn because of 1. I forget them instantly; and 2. My knee is prone to dislocation (so I’m always scared of blowing it out again.)

But this previous week I went to B.C. and spent a lot of great time with quality friends: hashtag pics or it didn’t happen

And it made me realize how necessary it is to just take a break and realize, and appreciate everything we have.  Especially this Easter weekend.  Pushing yourself (in this context, in the gym) would only create injury and make me dread going rather than be something I look forward to every day.

Feeling overwhelmed, I also decided to switch up my work out style and implemented yoga into my daily routine just so I could have some “me time” and give my body a stress break, so to speak.

Here are the links to some of my fav yoga apps: Studio

Pocket Yoga

Best apps of 2017

What do you guys do when you need a break from life?


9 thoughts on “Catchin’ Up

  1. danieljylee says:

    I used to go for hikes outside for a little “me time” but lately I have just been getting lazy. Now, I just like to lock myself in my room and binge watch Netflix(who am I kidding, I’m just watching The Office again). If you ever have the time, you should try hot yoga where you just sweat like crazy while doing yoga. You feel gross with all the sweat but after you rinse and dry off, I feel amazing! Hope you find a fitness routine that fits your busy schedule!

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    • Jessi Gaja says:

      Ha! I LOVE The Office too, so you’re definitley not alone! I actually am a fan of hot yoga, as my cousin is a yogi and teaches many a sessions in her studio. But for that reason, I can’t justify paying to attend here in the city when I can get the same thing for free at home (hashtag poor frugal student life). Where do you attend in the city?


  2. Sarah Reimer says:

    Jessi! Thanks for your post! I also find that getting into a fitness routine is definitely the hardest part! Did you end up finding any resources that would help you to develop and maintain a routine? When I need a break from life I usually take a bath 🙂 That’s one of my very favorite ways to relax.
    Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

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    • Jessi Gaja says:

      Honestly Sarah, with the way my semester has been going I found myself struggling to keep up with the school schedule let alone a workout schedule. I ended up getting a sinus and chest infection, so I had to sit out of the gym for a month… talk about disappointment. But with that being said, I had about 40 baths a day, being the favourite part of every day :p

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      • Sarah Reimer says:

        Oh no that’s so terrible!! It’s all about just doing your best, and if your best was going a couple times then that’s still great! When our bodies tell us to press pause we definitely need to listen. Oh my gosh I LOVE baths too! The best.

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  3. reganluypaert says:

    Hey Jessi, I think as all of us are University students we completely understand “Life getting in the way” and my motto this semester to all of my friends is “you gotta take care of yourself”. That being said I think it is completely understandable that you are taking a break when you have a sore knee because of the potential injury that it may cause! I too have a really bumbed shoulder and I often use it as an excuse for not going to the gym rather than the reason (this a huge difference). I use it as an excuse because obviously there are other ways to work out rather then me straining my shoulder but when it does get to sore it is a very valid reason for not going! I think anyways. Great post.

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    • Jessi Gaja says:

      Regan, I couldn’t agree more. This semester has definitely been the busiest for me out of my entire 5 years. I found myself struggling to stay caught up in class, let alone find time to fit in a fitness routine, and like you said, I found myself using my knee as a justified excuse to not go to the gym. I will definitely keep that in mind next time I think I’m gonna take a break from the gym because of my knee, thanks for the comment!


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