“Scratched” Emotions

Previous to this “assignment for my blog post, I’ve never heard of coding.. or if I did there is a 100% chance I had no idea what it was referring to.

But after last weeks lecture with Katia, I now have a better understanding of it and what it’s used for. (For more info click here)

I chose to practice my coding skills on Codecademy. It gave me a little tutorial correlating with what skills I wanted to work on – I chose just the basic beginners tutorial.

I feel like this is hard to explain without actually doing the coding itself, so I’ll just try my best since everyone reading this blog relatively knows what I’m talking about (lol).

Here are some pics from my experience (slideshow, click the right arrow to see more):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With all this being said, I don’t really see the importance of coding in my life.  If I’m being completely honest, I will never do this again probably, and will never have a full grasp of understanding about this…mainly because it’s just not in my field of interest.

While I understand that the ability and knowledge to code is an important part of literacy is our world’s current and ever-changing technologically enhanced society, and that coding allows people to learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas, I don’t think I could properly teach anyone – especially kids – how to code or to do coding justice.

Am I out to lunch on this? Let me know what y’all think.


4 thoughts on ““Scratched” Emotions

  1. danieljylee says:

    I feel the same way about coding Jessi! As an aspiring high school math teacher, I don’t think coding will be relevant in my curriculum. Yes technology is becoming a big part our lives and continually growing so, but I think having a professional teacher, who is knowledgeable about coding, teaching the students will be much more efficient!


  2. reganluypaert says:

    Hey Jessi, I really love how I could switch the pictures by clicking the arrow (soo freakin cool!). Also I struggled a lot with code academy, I found one hour coding way easier! I think it is a fun and interactive way to teach things to students like problem solving, basic math, and reading. So, depending on what grade you are teaching I think coding is very important to teach with the way technology is changing. However, I too wouldn’t be able to teach a lesson on it right now, but I would like to learn more about it so when the opportunity comes up I can teach it.

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    • Jessi Gaja says:

      I never tried the one hour coding, but maybe I will if it’s easier! I find myself still struggling with the coding concept and the importance of it, which is why I may be more hesitant to be as eager to teach it than most. I think you’re right, I need to learn more about it so I have the confidence in my knowledge of it to teach it properly.


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