Not chunky, just bulking.


Today on the Jessi blog: bulking.

If any of y’all frequent the fitness world, you’re privy to the term “bulking.”

General understanding of bulking is to eat rather poorly to improve your fitness and get sick gainz.

But many people won’t attest to this method or recommend it to others because it seems rather unlogical.  And after doing some research, this is what I found:

According to this forum, there are two types of bulking; clean and dirty.   A bulk involves packing on muscle mass and fat as part of a training regime.  One cannot gain lean muscle mass, without a fat gain, it’s simply impossible. Even if the fat gain is negligible. People bulk for two main reasons: jump up a weight class, and look bigger. The more muscle one has, the bigger (and with correct training) the stronger they are.

The dirty bulk is what it sounds like: a three-hour Smolov squat session followed by 8 Happy Meals and a small Ugandan child deep-fried in pure seal fat. You’re packing on raw size and don’t care how. This leads to quicker gains, but more fat.

A clean bulk is a caloric excess of good food. So the guy weighing 225 eating 4 chicken breasts and his bodyweight in vegetables is probably clean bulking.  It takes time but often lacks the huge fat increase.  Bulking is follow by cutting: basically means you’ve gained muscle and fat, now it’s time to keep the muscle and drain the fat – you “cut” weight.

Still confused? Check this out:


Bulk is a GREAT app that is basically like a workout coach.  It curates meals and workouts for you to help you gain weight, but cleanly.

Also, while I currently find any photos that I could legally post on here, I did find a link that posts many before/ afters of bulking and cutting (here).  It’s really neat and so fun to see so many people be successful on their fitness journey!!


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