It’s weird to think after 5 whole years of being forced to write useless essays about Shakespearian comedy it’s finally my turn to be the one to force poor kids to find the meaning behind biting thumbs and ghosts of [father’s] past.

i bite my thumb

(via Mark Tubbs)

EDTC 300 has been a real treat, and I feel as though it’s definitely one of the most useful electives offered at the university.  It’s important to learn how to use technology safely and understand how to incorporate it into our lives positively without fearing it, and it all starts with teaching our students these things.

For our learning summary project, Alyssa and I teamed up and had a conversation about all the neat things we learned in this course from networking through Twitter all the way to app extensions for our internet browsers.

We hope you enjoyed this class as much as we did!!



4 thoughts on “FIN.

  1. danieljylee says:

    I remember watching a Rome and Juliet move in high school but it was a more modern version. Set in the 90’s (or some other time it has been so long I can’t remember) the two “gangs” of the town were always fighting. It was so funny watching the two gangs drive up in their muscle cars and saying “Do you bite your thumb at us?”. Definitely memorable.

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