My fitness journey is finally over, and so it my determination to work out.

It’s bittersweet knowing my time at university is over.  This semester was a wild ride that felt like it flew by in 8 seconds, but a very rough 8 seconds – I think I barely held on.  This includes keeping up with my blog posts for my learning project…it almost didn’t happen, but miracles never cease.


My learning project was an assignment for EDTC 300 – one of the coolest classes I’ve ever taken, it’s all about incorporating technology into the classroom safely and positively – and what it consisted of was choosing a topic to learn about only using online sources!  So each week I would create a blog post to update my peers on my learning process, progress, and new ways I’ve learned through research on the interwebs.

I chose to learn about fitness, because I knew with the busy semester ahead of me, some “me time” in a gym would be just what I need – and this learning project gave me the accountability I so desperately need to stay motivated and dedicated.  I have also always been relatively active, yet sometimes I don’t know why I do some of the gym things I do (like why bulk once I get abs? Seems a bit counter-intuitive, yet I do it anyways because that’s what the fitness junkies do).  So this learning project helped me kill two birds with one stone: get a great grade, and deeper understanding, for doing something I should already be doing on a daily basis!

Now with all that being said… I bet you already know how my project turned out.  Was I able to blog every week? Heck yeah.  Did I learn everything I hoped and desired I would learn?  You can bet your socks off I did. Did I stay dedicated to the gym every week? Absolutely not.  Am I currently a chunky-monkey with the knowledge of an Olympic athlete?


My peers were definitely supportive and encouraging, and this project definitely challenged me in more ways than one.  I had to stay determined and I also had to relearn lots of things that I already thought I knew (but clearly “knew” wrong).  I also had to continue to learn things even though I fell deathly ill with a horrible chest infection for over a month.  But through it all, I managed to come out on top and succeed in my final university assignment EVER.  If you’re still intrigued after reading this far, check out my recap of alllllll my learning project posts to internally laugh at all my failures and nod your head silently at my successes:


Blog Post (& Week) 1: First up: Fats, Proteins, & Carbs 

  • This post shares my learning project topic (fitness fads), why I chose that topic, and my first “in-depth” rationale of the Ketogenic Diet

Blog Post (& Week) 2: HIIT Me Baby One More Time

  • Update of my Keto process
  • An in-depth research post about the benefits of high intensity interval training

Blog Post (& Week) 3: Cheat Week

  • A post overfilled with gifs as a way to suppress the disappointment in myself for already having a cheat week the 3rd week of my learning project fitness journey,
  • I include apps that I’ve been using as well as explain the benefits of having a cheat day… (or week).

Blog Post (& Week) 4: Intermittent Fasting 101

  • Explanation of why I’m done with my Ketogenic diet, and am moving on to a new one: intermittent fasting
  • Includes cute pics of me and my friends
  • Also include video‘s that explain what intermittent fasting is to me really well so I can actually understand what I’m about to attempt to do.

Blog Post (& Week) 5: Juice Me Up

  • This is probably my favourite blog post of all time, having #bro. a close second.
  • A post FILLED with Biggie references (click here if you don’t know why)
  • I talk about juicing, providing recipes and videos (and even websites!) to fill your hearts deepest juicing dreams.

Blog Post (& Week) 6:  Post of Shame

  • As per the title of the post, I bet you can already assume that juicing didn’t go well for me.
  • This is post for you to laugh silently at my failure rather than nod your head at my success – but hey, the struggle is part of the journey, right?!

Blog Post (& Week) 7: #bro.

  • This post provides come cute pics of what I looked like when I was blonde and fit, back before university killed any time of determination, motivation, and self-discipline I obtained.
  • Also provides a pic of what I look like now:


Yup.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is indeed a land whale in its natural habitat.

  • It also provides of what a bro-splitting workout plan would look like, as well as the definition of bro-splitting and the perks (and cons) of working out with a bro-split routine, along with lots of resources to supplement your learning.

Blog Post (& Week) 8: Cardio for the Hungry

  • This post is about fasted cardio!
  • This post contains videos to supplement learning, as well as a suggestion of a great app to help you succeed with your fasted cardio workouts.
  • I also provide many videos and gifs to help make a not fun topic fun.

Blog Post (& Week) 9: Couch to 5k

  • This post explains a new fitness fad that I saw originally on Jimmy Kimmel – “Couch to 5k”
  • Along with explaining my exhaustion (with life) in this post (lol sorry for the low-key diary entry), I give a short over view of what this workout plan looks like, the app to aid in your success, and the forum to vent to when you’re also exhausted with running (and your life).

Blog Post (& Week) 10: Catchin’ Up

  • Once again, another post for you to internally laugh at my failures.
  • This is a reflection post filled with thoughts about my journey so far, including mental and physical barriers I have encountered.
  • Also includes SO MANY CUTE PICS of my AMAZING friends, who I love so much and support me more than I ever thought possible!!!!!
    (SHOUT OUTS: Charles, Andrew, Ana, Kelsey)
  • With that, I provide insight on yoga, since it’s a great way to relax when feeling overwhelmed, and I include great yoga apps to help y’all get started if you don’t know where to begin.

Blog Post (& Week) 11: Not chunky, just bulking.

  • Last, but not least, a blog post providing a million excuses as to I’m only a chunky monkey because I’m bulking, duh.


  • I provide an overview of what bulking is, the different types of bulks, as well as videos and links to help provide my explanation better.
  • I also found a link that show’s people’s before and after pictures… If that isn’t motivation enough, not sure what will be.

Assessment of my learning

It’s tricky to pin point a specific place or week where I can say, “look at how much I improved!”  But what I can say is that I now have the knowledge to spice up my work out routines in ways that I know will be beneficial for my body, rather than just doing a routine because someone told me to or because I saw someone else do it.  I also know I saw progress, because after my first month of this journey I lost over 10 pounds – accounting that at least 5 pounds was probably water weight, this is still great for only a month of casual exercise and a change in diet.  It is also weight that I have managed to keep off so that is also proof of progress (also, I suck – I have no before and after pictures, granted that I more than likely wouldn’t post them even if I did, but I was not smart enough to take any in the first place).  But overall, I can also work out for longer, pushing myself to do more weights etc., without feeling like I’m paralyzed in my bed forever the next morning – so I would also have to say that’s another “win.”


Reflections on the Process of Learning Online

  1. Being able to share trials, tribulations, and triumphs with peers on the same journey as I.

Aside from my peers that I can confide in, I found hundreds and hundreds of forums full of people who were on the same fitness journey as me.  They shared their struggles and their motivations, and it was really encouraging to read and be a part of because it helped me realize that I’m not alone in my journey.  I was also able to share freely without fear of being judged, because I knew that the people I’m sharing my personal struggles and successes with are strangers to me, and know exactly what I’m going through.  So that was really cool to experience.


2. Having peers to come to for feedback and encouragement who were doing the            same learning project (in sorts) as I.

While I may not have taken advantage of this as much as I should have, I know there were others who were also incorporating fitness into their learning projects.  This allowed me to not only follow what they were doing silently, as I’m kind of shy to approach someone head on, and to learn from their progress as well as their suggestions.  Julia was someone I checked in on a regular basis, because she was very open about her ketogenic diet and journey, which is something that I was also doing.  She also provided me with lots of encouragement on  my keto posts when I was struggling, which encouraged me to persevere through the breadless world.

3. Having the ability to learn from fitness gurus all around the world.

There are many “famous” fitness people whether it be from real gyms or Instagram, and they are available to connect with!  I never did this, because I’m a poor student, but you can pay these people to personally provide you with personalized fitness workout routines, diet plans, and they will check in with you weekly to ensure you’re successful!  This allows anyone the ability to learn from the best, just through the click of a button.  It’s seriously super neat, and if I had a disposable income I would be extremely interested in seeing what some of these fitness gurus provide and see if it even bettered my success with my fitness journey!

Final Thoughts

Overall, my fitness learning project was very beneficial to my learning and use of the online world.  My biggest challenge was definitely staying motivated and encouraged to continue on every day at the gym or with my diet, especially when I felt so stressed out and all I wanted to do was veg out on my couch.


via 69420 at MemeCenter

It was learning to persevere through those feelings where I really struggled, and to find the time to still want to do this project when I had 6 million other assignments also on my plate.

This was important to overcome, because it was when I went to the gym anyways or stayed away from that piece of bread (because a ketogenic diet is carb free essentially) that I found my best progress.  This can be related to students in any form, because it’s when they overcome their struggles, challenges, and trials that they will perform the best, because they’re learning how to overcome such obstacles.  I feel like many students feel overwhelmed, and instead of choosing to get no sleep (like us uni students) they just choose not to do anything, because they haven’t developed such coping strategies yet.  Maybe if students had an online forum where they could vent to without fear of judgment, such as I did with my fitness journey,  they would gain the encouragement and motivation they need to succeed with whatever they’re struggling with rather than just ignoring their non-ideal situation.

I wasn’t able to make this connection until this part of the reflection, and I think it’s really neat to see myself understand and grow (no pun intended) throughout this journey in more ways than one.  It’s becoming rather surreal to know that my education time is up, and it’s time to get out into the real world and implement all these things that I’m learning to my students.

Through this learning project journey, I learned the skills to teach myself rather foreign to me through an online setting.  I found how beneficial it is to learn through videos, websites, forums, and I am able to make the connection to students – if my learning is only aided and supported through online sources, in such a tech-savvy world, students will obviously also only benefit from the use of online sources.  These things that I found, such as apps and videos, will support students’ learning and understanding just as it supported mine.  Maybe I will even be able to share my progress with students one day!  I am happy I took this class, completed this project, and grew to understand the importance of being technologically literate.


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